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Hey there! That’s me, Erin.

Lover of all things connection, romance + deep conversations. I live in West Warwick with my husband (Scott), our two pups (Panini + Riesling) + my growing baby belly aka, our future first child! 

I’ve always been a helper. My Girl Scout + lifeguard days transitioned into working as the Wellness Educator at Merrimack College, specializing in mental health + body image interventions + programming.

At the heart of my work is a commitment to helping you see yourself in a new light – both physically and emotionally. I want you to leave your boudoir session feeling more confident, more empowered, and more in love with your whole self than ever before. Whether you’re just beginning your journey of self-discovery or are looking to celebrate the woman you’ve become, I’m here to help you embrace your inner goddess and sensuality.


That’s enough about me – let’s talk about your session!

limited sessions remaining in 2023

kl photography

so, what’s “KL” Stand for?

KL Photography is the main brand of RI Boudoir. I created RI Boudoir so I could curate a brand + presence centered around boudoir that wouldn’t get too mixed in with my wedding work.

Many photographers, as you might have noticed, use their name for their business. When I first got started, I wasn’t opposed to using my maiden name – Erin Kaminski – but I knew the Polish flair can throw some folks for a loop. 

Plus, I knew that while I was Erin Kaminski then, someday Scott + I would get married + I’d be Erin Leech.

But I wasn’t Erin Leech quite yet. And even when I got married, I knew I’d still be Erin Kaminski at heart! 

So… I’m sure you see where this is headed… Kaminski, Leech, K, L… VWAH LAH! KL Photography was born.