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It’s time to discover the Goddess within and connect with the best version of yourself.

Boudoir is all about you! 

Deeper than that – it’s about who you are, not just what you look like. 

You will walk out of the studio as a different woman than you came. 

You’ll have a new perspective + appreciation for your body + all it has done for you while also unlocking a new level of awareness for your highest potential as a woman.

That kind of confidence spills over into every part of your life.

Rhode Island Boudoir Photographer

That’s me, Erin!

Fueled by equal parts sweets & swear words, I’m committed to helping you work through the challenges of body image + self-esteem through boudoir photography. My journey as a boudoir photographer began after a multi-year (and still going) journey of self-discovery and expression. Embracing and celebrating your true self is essential to living a fulfilling life. It’s an honor to be able to share this experience with you.


Reviews from Past Clients

“Erin knew exactly how to pose me in the most flattering way, fixed any wonky hairs that were out of place, and MADE ME FEEL LIKE A GODDESS. By the end of it I was feeling myself and just wandering around her studio in my lingerie. I’M SO GLAD I DID THIS FOR MYSELF. And I’m excited to someday look back at the photos decades from now too.”

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Learn more about the Boudoir Experience, your hype girl aka photographer, or browse my portfolio to imagine the possibilities of your own session. 

testimonials from past clients

“Honestly, I’ve seen this said a few times but it’s completely true… the most difficult part of the whole thing was narrowing down the photos. I still cannot get over how amazing the photos came out! The photos mean so much to me that I even ordered them to display them so I can be reminded how empowering that experience was and how beautiful I am.”

Preparing for your session


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